proLingua language wheels are not only useful, but fun to use!

Intelligent solutions for language schools and other institutions of learning

For language learners

proLingua language wheels consolidate and present complex categories of grammar  for students to review at a glance.

The visually-oriented medium is appealing to students of language, who find fun and inventive ways to utilise its clearly arranged content.

Many possible variations

proLingua language wheels are individually created.  You can target the selection of words towards a particular learning objective, or opt for a word pool compiled by one of our linguistic experts.

For language schools

You receive individually designed learning materials whose look aligns with that of your school or institution: your name, logo, slogan and colour scheme can all be featured as desired.  Either you commission a graphic design studio of your choosing to provide an attractive design for the outer wheel, or we undertake the creation of a design on your behalf - naturally with the utmost professionalism.

Use language wheels...

As giveaways at fairs, events, openings; as postal freebies; as tokens to give to potential customers; and naturally, as learning materials for students during language classes.

about us

The story of EditionsProLingua begins in Germany and France. Language wheels are jointly designed, produced and marketed under the label EditionsProLingua by concept creators Peter Schmidt in Germany and Franck Brasquies in France.  The products, which are available throughout Europe, are geared towards an international community of language learners.